Your Soul, Twin Flames and Soul Mates


Your soul is your life essence. It has a definite plan. But your soul didn’t start in your mother’s womb. It started a long, long time ago in the heart of God.

Your soul’s life began many thousands of years ago, when God gave you a spark from his own heart. And you were not created alone. You were created with your twin flame, a very special soul with whom you share a unique mission.

No one else can accomplish what the two of you were destined to do together. But somewhere along life’s path, you became separated from your twin flame. Over many lifetimes since then, your soul has been trying to find your twin flame and get back home to God.

Along the way, your soul has met kindred spirits called soul mates. You may find more than one soul mate during your life–a special friend, a lover, someone who shares your passions. But you have only one twin flame.

In the last 38 years, more than 52 million souls destined to be born in America have been denied the opportunity for life. They are separated from their twin flame. Their mission is incomplete. Their divine plan is on hold. The divine plan of their twin flame is compromised, too.