What If I've had an Abortion?

Sad Girl

If you have already chosen to terminate a pregnancy, be sure to take care of yourself, nurture your own soul and give yourself the opportunity to heal.

Abortion experiences can be a weight on your soul that is difficult to define.

As you become aware of spiritual truths, you may tend to condemn yourself for your past choices. You may find it difficult to forgive yourself and others who were involved.

You wouldn’t condemn a friend who had made the same choices, would you? So don’t condemn yourself either. Healing occurs when you make peace with God, with your Higher Self and with your own soul. You may also want to work with children as a part of your healing, to help them and love them.

Being kind and compassionate toward your own soul may include getting professional help. While each abortion experience is unique, the pain and suffering that often follows is nothing new to those who serve in the healing professions.

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