There Are Alternatives To Abortion

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If you or a friend or loved one is pregnant and trying to decide what to do, it’s important to know there are organizations and people who are available 24/7 and willing to help you.

Some groups offer free pregnancy tests and counseling and can connect you with other groups to meet other needs. Other groups can direct you to shelters and homes for pregnant women throughout the United States or offer financial assistance to pregnant college students so they can finish their education.

Alternatives to give your baby an Opportunity for Life:

1. Having and raising the baby yourself, with or without the help of family and friends, or

2. Having the baby and choosing adoption by caring parents

No matter what your needs are, Soul Choice International encourages you to visit the websites below or call the toll-free numbers for help.

Bethany Christian Services
1-800-BETHANY is the largest national adoption and family services organization in the United States. Offers a wide variety of services and information for pregnant women of all ages.

Offers free medical testing; legal, medical and educational referrals; prenatal information; maternity and baby clothes; housing referrals; adoption information and community resources. 1-800-550-4900.

Heartbeat International
This is the largest pregnancy resource center in the world. It is a “Christian association of faith-based pregnancy resource centers, medical clinics, maternity homes” that offers counseling 24/7 via phone or email and through their website

An excellent website with resources for pregnant women considering adoption; offers birthmother testimonials, sample profiles of adoptive families and adoption resources by location.

Offers Free pregnancy tests and pregnancy information; medical services, including STD tests, early ultrasounds and pregnancy confirmation. Has counselors available 24/7 and offers confidential pregnancy options and help with post-abortion issues. 1-800-395-HELP.

The National Life Center
1-800-848-LOVE Helps women find centers that offer free pregnancy testing. They also offer a free counseling hotline and resources for housing and financial aid via public assistance. Help for pregnant women over 40. The Nurturing Network
Helping women of all ages, including college students, TNN offers solutions to meet the needs of the individual, including: nurturing homes, medical services, legal assistance, counseling support, financial aid, and educational and employment opportunities.

Several Sources Shelters
1-800-662-2678 Offers an online directory of shelters for pregnant women of all ages.