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When I was 14 I found out that I was 14 weeks pregnant with my child. It was very unexpected and I was shocked. I didnt know how to tell my boyfriend at the time, but when I did it was a mistake. He wanted nothing to do with his child so I was completely alone. I spoke to one person who I absolutely trust and thats my health teacher. He brought up the topic about adoption and i never wouldve planned on going through with it. some people see it as getting the "easy" way out of your pregnancy, but after I thought long and hard about it, i knew it was the best decision for the child. making this decision was one of the hardest things ive ever had to do in my entire life, but knowing i gave the baby a better life is all that matters to me. yes i still see her about every 2 months. dont be scared of adoption. think it through and just know if you think its the best, go through with it.

- Kennedy

Hey im Stephan ( Yeah a guy ) Short and Sweet My GF and i got pregnant in beginning of High School. Matric year. We finished school with Degree Endorsements that year, our Son was born in February that following year. Did not get the opportunity to start studying like the rest of the Kids. I had to work in the beginning. So now 4 Years later that GF is my Fiance,we have a beautifull baby boy. We are both still studying towards our degrees which you can do if you really try, yeah late nights is an understatement but let me give you an perspective... We are young parents, both sucessfull careers.Now most of my old school friends either still living with parents not studying or left studying, not working they have no clue what to do with their lives. Dont think being young makes a kid a burden... you work harder because its not easy just to give up now, you fight for what you want, that makes you way ahead of everyone else. Yeah so i hope you get what im trying to say here.

– Stephan

Hey I was 17 when I found out I was expecting my first baby. I came from an extremely strict home and my parents were so distraught and dissapointed. My mom even kicked me out the house. I was already in a (live on campus) trade school in upstate ny she said I was not welcomed back home. I went to better myself and to be independent away from my strict parents. After 6 months of me starting I met a guy. We dated until my 18th bday. Then I found out I was preggo 2 months later. I was afraid bexause I had only knew this guy for less than a year and I wasn't finished in school. I didn't belive in abortions and I felt so scred and lonely. After I told my bf he was happy and he was there every step of the way for me. My mom eventually got over the anger and accepted her granchild. I felt so happy to have support from my family and the babys father. I graduated and became crtified in medical office support and now I'm enrolled in school at the university of NYC getting my (certified nursing assistant liscense. I had a beautiful baby girl (Bethany Lynn) on August 26. And me and her father are going on 3 years together and engaged.

– Leeann M.

When I was in college I wanted to volunteer to help women. I saw a notice asking for women who wanted to do just that. It turned out that the notice came from YWCA near the university I was attending. Since I loved to volunteer for good causes, I signed up to help.

They told us that we were helping women by getting rid of unwanted tissue and avoiding a pregnancy they didn't want. I was completely nieve about babies and really did not really understand that we were helping girls kill their own. I let girls stay at my home who were in town for abortions. When I insenistively asked one girl if she felt better after she returned from her abortion, she looked at me like I was crzy and said, "I know abortions are wrong. I don't feel better." I was shocked. I was so amazed that she would do something so consciously that she knew to be wrong.

I started investigating the whole thing a bit more and was finally educated about life in the womb through my new church several years later. When I joined the prolife team some years later, and was picketing an abortion clinic in my current city, a young women stopped in support to tell us her story. She then proceeded to share with us that she had seen her twin babies by accident after they were aborted. The shock and horror she experienced were unspeakable. She had great remorse and explained to us that, like myself, she had no idea that she really had real babies inside of her womb. She regretted her experience so, and wanted so much to share her story with everyone so that others could choose life instead.

– Anonymous

I was 15 when i found out i was expecting. It was a complete shock. However when i went to see the midwife at 6 weeks she said i was having twins i was happy to be a new mum but also worried at my parents thought about this. I told my mum when me and my boyfriend had decided we were going to keep the twins. Her reaction was awful she kicked me out of the house so i had to stay at my boyfriends house. When my mum finally let me back in the house she insited that i put the twins up for adoption i refused and we then went through a 9 month battle of arguements and trouble. When my twin girls were born i only had my boyfriend with me this upset my mum as she wanted to be there however i knew she wouldnt be supportive. Now i have 2 brillant girls called Sophia and Alexis. They are diamonds and i have managed to adapt to being a mum very well. My mum doesnt want anything to do with me now and she refused to let me move in with the twins so i live with my boyfriend parents who support me so much. My advice to an expecting teen is dont give up and if your mum and dad tell you to do something you dont want to do fight your corner because you will only regret otherwise.

– Jessica (UK)

My name is Shameka. Im 16 years old and 5 months pregnant by a boy way older than me. I thought that i would make the right decision of getting an abortion so that me and my boyfriend will stay together. then my family and friends started showing me love and support and now i feel like i can raise my child and love it like my mom loved me.

– Shameka

When I was 14 I had gotten pregnant. Im 16 now. I wanted to abort or give it up for adoption. But I knew I couldnt go through the emotional part. Now I have a 2 yr old babygirl named Navaeah Reinae. She is the most outgoing, cuddling thing I have ever seen. Me and the babydaddy are not together but he still pays child suppport and he see's her once a week.

– Lorie S.

When i was 15 i got prego by my boyfriend and i didnt know what to do. i was scared about what my parents were going to say. when i told them, my parents were not happy and niether was my boyfend. Once i told my parents they left me alone with my boyfriend and we were talking about the baby. we didnt know what to do. we were both scared for the baby. so we decided to have it. im so glad that we had a babygirl. her name is Page Lynn. now she is 2 years old. she is a wonderful child to have.

– Anonymous



Hi my name is Briana I found out I was pregnant when i was 15, had him at 16 then turned 17 a month later. my parents tried to make me have an abortion and giving him up for adoption. i was going to,but i had a very bad consience about it, i knew it was a living being and not just a cell or a "fetus". I believe every child should have a chance in life its not their falt why should they be punnished and put to reast. I knew if I did I would regret it til the day i died. My parents told me that my life would be over and no more partying, hanging out with my friends, and my life would be ruined. And that i was making a big mistake im just a kid and dont no what im doin but to this day im still proving them wrong. Im so glad I didnt choose to aborde or adopt i would miss out seeing the greatest 1 year old little boy grow up to become a young man, he is a major blessing in my life, and Im raising him right, and I know he is going to grow up and do wonderful thing in this world. Yeah the partying stopped, but my life wasnt ruined and my life wasnt over, my life was inhanced the day I became a mother, yeah it was hard but parenting isnt easy for anyone, especially when you are young and still in school. All I can say is Im very very glad I made the decision i made to allow my child to live his life, cause it was the right decision.

– Briana

I was nineteen years old and in my second year of college when I got pregnant by a guy I didn’t love and who didn’t love me. His answer to “my” problem was “it wasn‘t his baby.” At first, my father told me to get an abortion. My mother’s suggestion was adoption. I followed my heart and made my own choice. I decided to keep my baby and raise her myself. Fortunately, my family was supportive of my decision and I moved back in with my mother.

I lost my track and field scholarship and had to drop out of college for a while. But, eventually, I was able to transfer to another college, finish my degree and then get a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology.

It wasn’t easy getting where I am today--a happily married woman with two children, but when I’m watching Emily, now 8 years old, on the soccer field or listening to her read her favorite books, I can’t even begin to count the reasons why God brought her into my life. She has such a beautiful soul and I thank God every day for allowing me to give her life. – N. Marion, Ohio

I was a senior in high school when I found out that I was pregnant. I thought my life was over, but little did I know my life was just beginning! Now my daughter is two and beautiful. I also had a baby boy who is 4 almost 5 months old. I am twenty years old and I have two of the most beautiful children in the world. I never thought that I could be a mother. It scared me to think about having kids. But now knowing what I do now I would do it all over again. I am going back to school to become a nurse in the maternity ward. I am going to show my babies that anyone can do anything their hearts desire as long as you put your mind to it. I would not trade anything I've gone through in becoming a mother for anything. My children are my life and without them I do not know where I would be today.

– Amanda, USA

I am a mother of three children-two biological and one adopted. I just want birth mothers and fathers who are considering adoption for their babies to know that there are a lot of adoptive parents out here who pray before, during and after adopting their children. Almost everyone I know who has adopted a child believes that there is a higher power involved and that it is not by chance that a specific child has been entrusted to their care. Also, adoptive parents are often keenly aware that the joy in their hearts may be equal to the pain in the hearts of the birthparents, for whom adoption was either the best or only choice for their baby. A number of people I know who are adoptive parents continue to include the birth parents in their prayers as their children grow up. This is very comforting to the children.

–P. G., USA

My name is Robin, I am a 39 year old married female. I do believe in God, and also follow how the Bible tells me to live. I started out in life slow at the age of 27 I weighed over 550lbs, it wasn't long before I found myself on life support after a surgical procedure where my sugar became dangerously high over 900 this was scary for me. Soon after I returned home and started having the same dream quite frequently. In my dream I'm a soldier in the Vietnam War. After awakening, I can remember being afraid running screaming "INNCOMING" I have dreamed this dream so many different times, too many times so much that I have knowledge I should not have in my head such as, what it feels like to shoot a high power riffle or how to pull the pic on a grenade, I can even describe how I built a fox hole. I can remember hiding there from the other side. I cant explain how I know about Vietnam but I know I was their, by the way I feel after having these dreams. I always seem to be with a group of men trying to escape.

– Robin K.

Okay so I was 17 years old and i was pregnet. My parents were very mad and i was kicked out of the house. My little red headed girl was a still born. A few years later i got married and found out i was again pregnet and i gave birth to a beautiful redheaded girl yet again and today she is healthy and 4 years old!

– Julia F

I found out I was pregnant, at 4 1/2 months. I was scared and ashamed. When my parents found out they kicked me out!!!! Thankfully my boyfriend n I made the best decision in the world. To keep our baby n raise him the best way possible. Today, our son will be two in november. He's very spoiled but of course our greatest blessing is our son!! To any mothers in my situation, i want to say keep ur heads up we have the [best] gift in the world.

– Chuck1991

I found out I was pregnant when i was 16 years old I had my baby when I just turned 17. I didn't imagine the huge responsibility there is to have a baby. My baby daddy was happy when he found out I was pregnant because he didn't imagine how expensive babies are. I got lucky because I had my baby in summer vacation I went back to school being a senior in high school. Luckily I graduated got my diploma and now im in college trying to get my associates degree. I just turned 18 and I am trying my best to do well in school to get a good career and provide my child with everything he needs.

– Brenda

Im 17 and found out i was pregnant 2 months ago, when the contraceptive pill failed me. My mum and dad are separated and told them the news separately my mum was shocked but very supportive however my dad was very angry and demanded an abortion, i ignored his orders and now im living with my mum but my boyfrined sees me evryday and comes to scans and anti natal appointments. Its hard being a pregnant teenager and i get judged a lot by older people who think i was irresponsible but at the end of the day i did nothing wrong the contraception failed and now im just looking foward to being a mum:)

– baby95

Hi! I'm Kylie. a while back i fell in love with my boyfriend Levi. we were so in love and thought we would be together forever. until one day Levi broke up with me because his friend had told him to. then after that he told the whole school i was annoying and constantly called me bad names and yelled at me. it seemed like everyday there was a new argument. after how bad he treated me we got into an argument and he slapped me. so i was done. for good. until i found out i was pregnant. he was the only guy i slept with so i new it was his. breaking the news was crucial. he said he was not going to be there at all. except for the birth. so that left me wondering what i was gonna do. my family was supportive and so were my friends. but they didn't want me going thru this without a partner. and the fact that i was 15! i was way to young to raise a baby. so the more and more i thought about it i decided to chose adoption. our family friends had offered to be supportive and adopt my baby. it made me feel good. a stay at home mom and a loving,working dad. but it got harder whenever i found out i was having a girl. and since i got to name her, i decided on Makenna. knowing that i had a little girl i already loved growing in me made me sad. but i new it was for the best. then on march 3rd Makenna was born. it was the hardest thing id ever had to go thru. but i just kept on thinking about her, and not me.

– kylie joe

I was 17 years old when I found out I was pregnant. Now I am 19 years old and pregnant with my second child. At 17, I became pregnant with my daughter. Her father was out of the picture as soon as I told him I was pregnant with his baby. I had my daughter the week of finals and graduated on time with the rest of my senor class. Now I am in my second year of college and am 10 weeks pregnant. My mom was upset that I "let this happen again" but is being supportive. The father of this child, my boyfriend, and I will be moving in together in July so we will be ready once the baby comes in October.

– Caitlin

Hey my name is georgette and i just recently found out that i was 1 month pregnant. i am now 6 weeks preg the same day i found out i told my ma she wasnt happy about it. my boyfriend before i knew . he was happy but his mom wasnt. she tried to convince to make me get a abortion. we agreed to keep our child now she doesn't like me because of my decision . but everythings turning out good. my relationship is going good were just waiting for our child.

– georgette

I am 17 & I'm pregnant. I have lived on my own since I was 16. Ill be 18 in about two months. I dropped out at 16 but I'm taking my GED test in a few weeks. I am almost 3 months pregnant. Me & my b/f who I've known since middle school got pregnant not too long after we got together. My boyfriend & I live together. I was scared to tell my parents. But I told them the very next day. They did not react like I assumed they would. They were very supportive. & Abortion was NEVER an option. Neither was adoption because I don't think I could go through that emotionally. I'm choosing to keep my baby. I'm hoping for a boy as well as my boyfriend. My b/f is happy/excited & so far he's stuck by my side. Hopefully it all works out. Im due september 5, 2011. Wish me luck. & Please pray for a healthy baby & that I pass my GED test.

– Alaina

I would like to tell all those girls out there who are thinking of getting an abortion... DON'T DO IT!!!! YOU WILL REGRET IT!!! I know first hand because I did have an abortion when I was 21 yrs old and I regret it every day. I wish I could go back in time and change what I did but I can't. I pray to God to forgive me for what I did. So PLEASE I BEG YOU, DON'T DO IT!!! That baby inside you is a precious gift from God. It truely is a blessing! "LO, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward" Psalm 127.

– Forgiven

Hi my name is Stacey cash I found out I was pregnant when i was 16, my parents tried to make me have an abortion and i was going to, but i had a very bad consience about it, i knew it was a living being and not just a cell or a "fetus" And I knew if I did I would regret it til the day i died. My parents told me that my life would be over and no more partying, and my life would be ruined. Im so glad I didnt abort my now 6 year old little boy, he is a major blessing in my life, and Im raising him right, and I know he is going to grow up and do wonderful things in this world. Yeah the partying stopped, but my life wasnt ruined and my life wasnt over, my life was inhanced the day I became a mother, yeah it was hard but parenting isnt easy for anyone, especially when you are young. All I can say is Im very very glad I made the decision i made to allow my child to live his life, cause it was the right decision.

– stacey cash

I am nineteen years old, I currently have a year left of higher education before I go on to university to take a BA in English and Drama, then a one year Post Graduate Certificate in Education to lead to my lifelong teaching career.

Two years ago I went to Spain [and] got introduced to [a family friend] and we hit it off. In February this year I went back to see my family again and hooked up with the same guy, and ended up going back out three weeks later to see him. After this we didn't really speak so much and I figured it was just a holiday fling that had ended.

He was due to move back to England to start his new job, when three days prior to this I found out I was pregnant with his child.

I asked [my mother] to tell my dad as I was too ashamed and worried about his disappointment. At this point I was shocked into wanting a termination, but after researching it I decided against it. Everyone was shocked with my decision, and my father was initially really upset. I have an open dialog with my child's dad and we intend on keeping things that way for the sake of our child. Although I am very much aware that I am going into this alone.

I have read everyone's wonderful stories of how their babies' fathers have stuck around and they are together, so maybe my story is a bit different. My child isn't born yet. I am independent, and I am determined to finish my education, become a teacher and be a fantastic mother. After all, when the going gets rough, you try harder.

– Kate J., England.

I became pregnant when I was a senior in high school. I have three beautiful girls now and the oldest is 17. I am in nursing school and we had to do a community teaching project. I chose teen pregnancy. I would like your CD and tape for my girls to view. I have really enjoyed your site -- the information was wonderful.

– Debra D., USA

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